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LSSW Urban Jungle Face

Joshua “Yung Banks” Banks was born on November 4, 1988 in Columbus, Ohio to Shanell C. Banks (Mansfield, OH) and James E. Banks (St. Louis, MO).

He is the second eldest out of seven children. Growing up, YB was always surrounded by music whether from his Grandmothers station wagon or from
singing in the local church’s childrens choir in his hometown of Mansfield, Ohio. Figuring out he had a way with words at an early age, he started
writing short poems and stories eventually perfecting his writing technique as early as 2002.

After moving from Mansfield to Raleigh, NC in 2003, Yung decided to pursue a career in music. Recording on the program then known as Cool Edit Pro,
he taught himseelf to edit audio (using an analog mixing board and the on-board effects) for the best possible clarity. After learning to utilize
various audio recording techniques, he decided to move on to making beats using FL Studio (previously Fruity Loops). Shortly after, he linked up with
local rap artists from Garner Magnet High School (previously Garner Senior High School), Cassio Cash and Tommy Gunz, and from there he continued to hone his
lyrical prowess and delivery. After high school, Yung Banks took a brief hiatus from recording any music but continued to write daily.

After joining the United States Navy in 2008, Yung Banks picked up recording music right where he left off, only with more knowledge of how the music
business worked. After purchasing Pro Tools and the necessary equipment required for a decent home studio, Yung Banks recorded the majority of his tracks
for such mixtapes as I AM NUMBER ONE, RAW TALENT VOL…1, and THE APPONTMENT vOL…1. After being discharged from the United States Navy in 2011, he has
devoted his full attention back to his music.

On November 22, 2012 Yung Banks released his single “BLOODY MURDER” (produced by @LRTHEKING) and attracted the attention of local Columbus, Ohio entertainment
company F.R.O.E. Records and had a meeting with management in early December, along with brother Jbiznyss, nothing has been made official however.

Currently Yung Banks is working on his untitled freshman album. ( RELEASE DATE PENDING).

Yung Banks currently resides in Columbus, Ohio.


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