Check out the Mixtape @MXLLXVV #VentHop (The Pre-Tape)

 Cleveland Artist Mxllxvv bring us a new mixtape (The Pretape of the official mixtape) #VentHop. Contains all the songs that didnt make it to the official #VentHop mixtape scheduled to drop 5-20-2013. Dope Songs, Dope Lyrics, and Pure Realness. With features from some of his FlyyHippie members Mxllxvv show us the empire he is bring to the music industry. Check it out!!!
Mixtape Link:
Single Link: Sarah ft. Gutta Ming
Mixtape Tracklist: 1. Mind Expansion 101 2. Bully Season 3. Syracuse ft. Keith Gustin 4. Oh No (TweetStyle) 5. Doing Me 6. Something Like A Pimp ft. Gutta Ming 7. F.U.N ft. Gutta Ming 8. Prx$crxB x MxD$ 9. High Venting 2 10. Not Funny Rap 11. Hypnotized Mindz ft. Gutta Ming 12. Stay Up 13. Im Different (TweetStyle) 14. Sarah ft. Gutta Ming 15. Understanding ft. Breez


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