check out @Baby_Blair The project titled Coming Soon

“Started with a Dream and it ended with a tape”
Blair Giles releases not one, but two back to back singles from his recently released project. The project titled Coming Soon

showcases the diversity of Blair Giles; with 9 tracks produced by various producers ranging from here in Baltimore to California. The project is available online. If you’d like to take a listen the link is provided below.

Download Link:

The first single, Back It Up & Dump It is produced by RamzboiMusic

and features Universal Record’s own Young Scrap

. Young Scrap comes in to deliver the hook and the second verse on the track that’s sure to have any party or function going crazy. The club friendly track is at the forefront of Coming Soon.

The second single, KRAY is produced by Young Tez

; a local producer from Baltimore, MD. The track is the perfect follow up to Back it up and Dump it showcasing Giles in another light. It still has its uptempo beat but the message behind the song is whats important. The track gives a glimpse into Giles’ blossoming career as a Hip-Hop artist.


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