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“I wasn’t brought in the industry to just make great records…I was brought into the industry to impact the artist and bring the greatness out of them”


No words spoken truer for Harmony Samuels. From the humble beginnings in Tottenham, North London, filling in for his drummer and pianist at church at the age of 4, Harmony ‘H-Money’ Samuels has gone on to produce for artists such as Kelly Rowland, Chris Brown, Fantasia and many more.

His gamble to feature little known UK artist at the time Chip on ‘Champion’ with US superstar Chris Brown paid dividends, as his producing credentials can now boast Ne-Yo, Keyshia Cole, Brandy and more recently the platinum selling, Billboard topping single from Ariana Grande – ‘The Way’

Harmony ‘s ambition to impact the artists he works with and bring greatness out of them is exemplified in the Grammy award winningF.A.M.E album by Chris Brown, which boasts his production credits. And as the hits begin to add up against Harmony’s name, his dedication to hard work and music continue to grow.

This year has already seen Fantasia’s album ‘Side Effects’ come in at number 1 on the Billboard R&B charts and number 2 on the Billboard Hot 200. Fantasia’s new single ‘Without Me’ ft Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott is also due for release during Summer. Next up is the recently released ‘Gone’ by Kelly Rowland ft Wiz Khalifa which is destined for great things and will no doubt breed similar success; and to whom do we give credit to for producing all of the aforementioned? Why Harmony of course!

This is something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by the American Society of Composers and Publishers as Harmony’s individual success has been recognised and will be rewarded his first ASCAP Award on June 27th, an award fitting to one of the most talented producers to hail from the UK. 


Official Links: || http://boeglobal.com/

 || @HarmonyBOE || http://soundcloud.com/boeglobal||


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