Release: 27/10/13 via

Unstoppable Music Group

Woolwich MC Mynature follows up Mr Is Rap, the track that heard him proclaim himself as Rap personified, with another smash for UK Rap in the form of brand new single ‘Louder’.

Whilst some may suggest that the Dubstep influence strays away from Mynature’s (pronounced miniature), gritty Hip Hop style he says: “I told everyone on Mr Is Rap that I am hip hop personified. On this record I wanted to let people know that I m not just an underground rapper, but I can make hot, cross over, commercial records and still come with a flow and lyricism that keeps it Hip Hop. To be Hip Hop means to keep it true to yourself. As long as lyrically and flow wise you are staying true to rap then you can flow over classical music if you want. It’s about being true to who you are and this record is true to who I am on every level. I’ve given you street stories, I’ve given you consciousness, but sometimes I just want to feel the music, turn it up louder and have fun. Its another side of who I am”

Mynature’s journey to the spotlight has been tougher than most as his musical prospects were hampered by a life of crime, which eventually caught up with him when as a teenager when he was sentenced to 6 years in prison. Upon his release and following a chance meeting with EFX (formerly known as BigShot) and Ben “Billionaire Ben” Wynter from Unstoppable Music Group, Mynature burst onto the scene when he started his Myni-Mondays series, seeing him release a video every week for 9 weeks to critical acclaim. The Myni-Mondays series secured Mynature roughly 200,000 YouTube views in 9 weeks and the support of tastemakers such as SEMTEX (1Xtra),SHORTEE BLITZ (Kiss), 279 (Choice FM) and ANGUS BATEY (Guardian newspaper) who tipped him as one to watch. Debut single Mr Is Rap went on to gain further recognition receiving heavy support from DJ’s across 1Xtra, Kiss, Choice, Radio 1 resulting in it being chosen for the BBC Introducing track of the week on 1xtra.

Coming back ‘Louder’ than ever, the new single uses a break beat drum pattern and bouncing bass to provide the energy and rhythm, whilst the super heavy Dubstep baseline tares through the speakers and forces you to dance. This coupled with Mynature’s skippy flow and signature wordplay makes for a track you cannot ignore. Produced by Unstoppable Music Groups producer EFX, Mynature proves once again why DJ’s, Artists and an ever-increasing fan base are paying attention. Don’t believe it? Then listen to the track, feel the energy and turn it up “Louder!”

Mynature – Louder (1Xtra Radio Premiere with DJ Target):

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