@Officialdanso Danso – Bring Me Down ft Klayz & Miss Angel


Bring Me Down

Ft Klayz & Miss Angel

Released: 17th November 2013 via Myish

From the unstoppable My-ish camp, (home of projects such as Incisive ft Julian Marley – Winners & Donae’o – Party Hard), comes the South London rapper, Danso, with a gritty determination for the UK Rap game. Offering an edgy style and charismatic flow, Danso waxes lyrical on ‘Bring Me Down’, a dance and heavy bass-line enthused track, smoothed over by Miss Angel’s angelic hook which compliments the hard hitting Rap verses from Danso and feature artist Klayz.

With a video set on a familiar and cold-hearted London backdrop, the lyrical content comes to life in a real-life account of an unforgiving journey in to music, lightened with the positivity of the inspiring and catchy hook, Danso takes a true Rap role in telling a powerful story in his debut track from his album.

With 9 Universal Records compilations already part of his back catalogue, Danso continues on his journey in music, carving out his niche with self-produced track ‘Bring me Down’.

Danso ‘Bring Me Down’ ft Miss Angel and Klayz


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