@CookUpCam Step Into My World

Here is a brand new instrumental album from a young producer out of Chicago. In his 13th project of 2013, Cam Marino (@CookUpCam) assembles music that is lively and spacey. Hard hitting drums and obscure samples are accompanied with skits and interludes. “Step Into My World” by Cam Marino is a conceptual project that allows the listener to enter a world crafted out of limitlessness and soul with a hint of barbarous percussion. The album features a hand painted portrait by Victoria Do (@victoria_do) and was released in collaboration with the launch of elvtd.com

(@ElevatedIntl). “Step Into My World” features 13 tracks including skits and interludes with sound bites from 2 Chainz, Terry Kennedy, Curren$y, Kanye West, and more. You can download “Step Into My World” as an uncut album from his soundcloud, soundcloud.com/cam-marino

, or track by track athttp://www.elvtd.com/step-into-my-world



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