@OfficialDanso Be With You ft Miss Angel


Be With You

Released: via Myish 24/02/14


It takes a talented lyricist to tell a thought provoking story of a relationship that can be interpreted and applied to the listener’s own personal journey. Whether it’s a literal interpretation or a metaphorical interpretation, the layers to this track catalyse a touch of soul searching within you.

Lace-edged by a melodic and softly delivered hook courtesy of Miss Angel sailing across the keys and strings within the beat, Danso delivers lyrically with a tight flow skipping across the verses.

With Danso’s music catalogue including nine Universal Records compilations and the previous release of ‘Bring Me Down’ being chosen as MOBO’s track of the week as well as being heavily supported by key music websites and tastemakers. Danso embarks on a journeythrough 2014 seeing him set to catch further attention of music lovers.

Danso ‘Be With You’

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