Chiefy N*ggas Run Yo’ Life

Take the lyrics of two smooth spittas and place it over a polished production and expect greatness.
Shortly after releasing hit single via The SourceGirls Love To PartyGueringer The 13th joins forces with comrade and artist, TDeezy  to deliver some new heat. Remaining true and chiefy, the dynamic duo keep it authentic and fresh in this new track. Bump this!

Artist, Gueringer the 13th is more than meets the eye. After his debut project, Gueringer The 13th has created and branded his work that can be easily noticed among his colleagues and audience members.

Known for his live performances and giving an energetic set, his sound and artistry is set to rise to the top

Since 2013, Gueringer The 13th has been focusing on branding and exposure and on increasing awareness nationwide. From opening for Juicy J to performing at A3C & SXSW, Gueringer has made quite a name and buzz for himself in the underground scene. With over a year and a half of fine tuning, he is following up with his highly anticipated album, “Paris, Japan”,Deluxe Edition, which is set to be released Mid 2014.

Social Links:
Twitter: @GueringerTh13th
Website: www.GueringerThe13th.com


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