COOPS – BLESSINGS FT. REXX @coopsofficial

‘Good kid mad city, where I’m from it’s mad gritty, don’t think Kendrick could survive!’
Rapping over a beat reminiscent of the 90’s Hip-Hop’s Golden Age, it’s clear to see where Coops’ influence lies as he goes back to back with feature artist Rexx. ‘Blessings’ demonstrates the lyrical genius of the 23-year-old and his ability to draw the listener in to every word. His deep and mindful views on his gritty surroundings and generation set on the backdrop of the looping keys and drum-laden beat make for a track that will give you some real food for thought.
Set for release on June 2nd via his own website, the ‘Lost Soul’ mixtape is a collection of tracks which represent a number of different meanings and emotions, as the title implies.
“Lost Soul is a reflection of my generation, both musically and spiritually – I’m trying to bring back some of that soul that music had when I was growing up.”
After winning the Choice FM Breakthrough Competition in 2013, Coops was given the opportunity to perform at the London o2 with Hip-Hop royalty, Nas. The series of events instilled a new self-belief within the rapper. Having previously used music as a pastime, the young Londoner’s passion for the craft was ignited and following the completion of a degree in performing arts at Southampton University, Coops set to work on his mixtape ‘Lost Soul’.
With an equally captivating video, ‘Blessings’ is a track that will reach out to your senses. The enchanting beat will keep your head bopping, the meaningful lyrics will get you thinking and the video will keep you watching; Coops.

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“China White” prod. G Webbie 4 Treated Crew @DAVEAMAZIN @OGWebbie

“Dave Amazin comes back strong” is an understatement. Following up his highly acclaimed “Young Solomon” mixtape with the full version of one of the most popular snippets from the tape: China White. Treated Crew’s G Webbie provides the ethereal, dark and bass heavy production, reminiscent of a horror movie or even something so futuristically bleak that it could have been in the score for “Pitch Black” or “The Matrix”. The snares closely resemble the popular Spaceghostpurrp song “Mac Named Purrp” but after that the similarities are blurred. Dave gives the most dark, drug addled and ironically honest lyrics that have been heard from an artist probably ever. From “flaming up the backwood with my eyes closed” to taking you in “the life of a rapper on some acid tabs” the description and visualisation of the lyrics make you feel as if you’re in an opium den from hell. However even in this beautiful cacophony, Dave still finds a way to ensure the humor of his lyrics that are one of his enduring features as an artist: “creampie yo bitch til she can’t even walk/ if she have a child imma claim it’s yalls”. China White not only lives up to its name, but it’s an exemplary musical representation of the drug. Give it a listen.

Indecision ft Yani Mo [Prod. HD] @RealReyStackz @Yani_mo

SC artist Rey Stackz is back with the final release from his upcoming mixtape “Guide to Growth & Development”, this time collaborating with Atlanta rapper Yani Mo, Stackz shows consistency with the mellow-vibed hits, this time with ‘Indecision’. Rey Stackz has been active early this year, now releasing the third of a series of singles leading up to the anticipated release of his next mixtape. After months of push backs, it seems Stackz has finally set his sights on June 2nd as the release date for G2GD. Whatever the outcome, we look forward to more amazing music from the up and coming Southern rapper and advise you to keep and ear out for his mixtape.

DJ YRS Jerzy Ft. Chox-Mak & Bullet Brak – Don’t Do It (Prod. By North Villah) @IAMDJYRSJERZY @Chox_Mak910 @BulletBrak @NorthVillah

DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak have been making some serious moves in the underground music scene now with their names building more and more each day they know they have to keep things going and keep releasing projects. They have been collaborating with many different types of artists and this time they bring along DMV native Bullet Brak. Bullet Brak has also built quite a name for himself with being featured on sway in the morning and other major publications. It was destined for him to connect with DJ YRS Jerzy & Chox-Mak just off of the work ethic they all have. Their latest track “Don’t Do It” can be considered an anthem for anyone that ever thought about giving up on their dreams. Everyone has hard times when trying to reach success but you can’t quit you have to work hard and keep pushing towards greatness. The production was brought by North Villah who is based out of Canada.

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@NiteLifeKalsin KaL$in – Money Ain’t a Thang

Roll down the windows and feel the breeze! KaL$in’s writes a letter to Summer on the catchy “Money Ain’t a Thang,” the first single from the album, “SeeItInMyEyez” releasing June 1st on elvtd.comKaL$in is an artist based out of Las Vegas whose sound combines that classic West Coast vibe with a East Coast twist.  
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@IAMDJYRSJERZY @IndieStreetBeat DJ YRS Jerzy talks independent labels, next projects & more with Indie Street Beats

DJ YRS Jerzy calls into Indie Street Beats and breaks down working with Indie labels and lets his fans know whats next to come. He and his artist Chox-Mak have been taking over the internet and are helping to change the game as we know it. DJ YRS Jerzy now coming up as an entertainment mogul and executive lets Indie Street Beats know that there is a lot that goes into his daily routine and lets us know that he is know just getting started and there are plenty of big things in the works for his future.