“China White” prod. G Webbie 4 Treated Crew @DAVEAMAZIN @OGWebbie

“Dave Amazin comes back strong” is an understatement. Following up his highly acclaimed “Young Solomon” mixtape with the full version of one of the most popular snippets from the tape: China White. Treated Crew’s G Webbie provides the ethereal, dark and bass heavy production, reminiscent of a horror movie or even something so futuristically bleak that it could have been in the score for “Pitch Black” or “The Matrix”. The snares closely resemble the popular Spaceghostpurrp song “Mac Named Purrp” but after that the similarities are blurred. Dave gives the most dark, drug addled and ironically honest lyrics that have been heard from an artist probably ever. From “flaming up the backwood with my eyes closed” to taking you in “the life of a rapper on some acid tabs” the description and visualisation of the lyrics make you feel as if you’re in an opium den from hell. However even in this beautiful cacophony, Dave still finds a way to ensure the humor of his lyrics that are one of his enduring features as an artist: “creampie yo bitch til she can’t even walk/ if she have a child imma claim it’s yalls”. China White not only lives up to its name, but it’s an exemplary musical representation of the drug. Give it a listen.


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