@1REbSkylarker New Release Reb Skylarker – HYPEBEAST ft. Passion

Rebel Skylarker – HYPEBEAST’

Produced By: @Peanskean


to all of our supporters.


Reb Skylarker releases his 2nd official single from his latest project titled,

“R.E.B.E.L.S World Vol. 1: Don’t Be A Target.

 With captivating production from Pean Skean and the soulful vocals from singer/songwriter Passion,

this track is sure to deliver in any club setting. Listen as Reb Skylarker ferociously

attack the “Hypebeast(s)” with this smooth single. How far would you go to be famous?

R.E.B.E.L.S World Vol. 1: Don’t Be  A Target – Hosted by DJ Azul is available exclusively at Mixconnect! Over 50,000 plays online.

Find all things Reb Skylarker at www.REBWORLDWIDE.com

! Where The Rebels RVLT | Reb Skylarker 2014

THE TRACK CAN BE STREAMED HERE <https://soundcloud.com/reb-skylarker/hypebeast-feat-passion-prod-by-peanskean


CHECK OUT : Find all things new from Rebel Skylarker via his sites







 About Rebel Skylarker

Reb Skylarker’s mission objective is to promote

 “Peace & Skyscrapers” throughout some of the worst cities in America

Born Derrick  Avent, Rebel Skylarker is an American rapper

 born in Newark, NJ and raised in Blakely, GA.

 He released his debut album ‘I Think I’m Signed’ under his own Rebel Crew Label

the album reached an exceptional 86,000+ plays

 in just under one year’s time. Rebel Skylarker’s provocative, militant lyrics

have not only set him apart as an up and coming artist in Atlanta,

 but has made him an undoubted contender in the Music industry.


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