@ArjayeJeter Arjaye Jeter Year Of The Villain

Released after a year-long promotional campaign that has seen a slew of videos and singles rolled out to get fans acquainted with the Everyman Chicagoan who makes his long-awaited proper debut with this 13-track mixtape which allows listeners a full look at one of the city’s best rhymesayers with a penchant for off-kilter, up-tempo production that sets him apart both lyrically and from an overall aesthetic standpoint.



GoWhereHipHop: http://ow.ly/2Q3hvB
Artist Statement:
Year of the Villain is a project that I have worked on for a year and a half and was inspired by the thought, we never know the effect we can have on someone’s life. Our decisions shape our lives but some of our decisions effect others, the repercussions of our choices can influence only a negative or positive outcome. This album discusses how my decisions effect me and those around me. I feel bad about some things, I feel good about others. No matter what I still feel like I’m the bad guy, or the villain. Enjoy Year of the Villain a simple story about a year in my life that depicts me as the villain in my own story.”

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