“Better Day’s Tomorrow” @DAVEAMAZIN

Chicago artist Dave Amazin finally let’s go of highly anticipated project “Better Day’s Tomorrow”. After a few loose track release’s  and a few minor setback’s the new project is finally here. Dave  has found that spark that he was searching for. “Better Day’s Tomorrow” is a breath of fresh air from the chi-town rapper, from the very start he is more laid back and natural on every track,showing and displaying new flows and styles that haven’t been displayed with features and productions from close friends and new acquaintances. Dave is more comfortable, cocky and laid-back. Dave has finally made the studio his home, the flows come out more natural and the content he is speaking on will touch all of his listeners going through similar situations, from losing loved ones,to losing friends due to jealousy,and even going through a bad breakup. But don’t think Dave doesn’t forget to boast and brag about why he is great and why he has nothing to prove to anyone, he is letting the music speak for him and it speaks loudly. “Better Day’s Tomorrow” is simply what the game has been missing, Dave guarantee’s that with his music that there are better day’s tomorrow for good music because he is creating it.

Better Day's Tomorrow Cover Art

Stream here: https://soundcloud.com/daveamazin/sets/better-days-tomorrow

Official download link: http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=676378





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