Billy Ivan – Asking (Official Music Video) | HD Music Video @BillyIvan


To accompany the release of his latest single “Asking”, Billy Ivan has created a music video, which he shot, edited and narrated himself, detailing his story of conquest over the challenges he faced growing up. Understanding more about himself both as a creative artist and determined young man.

Billy Ivan, who is a self taught Artist/Producer, draws inspiration from such popular songwriting geniuses as Pharrell, Kanye West & Jay-Z while still desiring a signature sound of his own. His first outing as a songwriter/performer echoes the vibrance and nuance of his musical heroes’ work.

Since emerging onto the music scene the Rapper/Producer has been building notoriety with his soulful smooth melodies and experimental percussion tone structure.

Billy has been producing for several upcoming acts and preparing for a lineup of  live performances. Arriving towards to the completion of his upcoming project “The Compilation Tape” coming this new year 2015, Billy Ivan is ready to create a name for himself & take the industry by storm.


IG: @Billy_Ivan_


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