@illclintonusa Free – #ILLClintonTuesdays Week 3

Atlanta artist/producer duo, ILLClinton, present the third drop from their new #ILLClintonTuesdays series. This week, they come with a very much needed track with the release of “Free”. 
ILLClinton Photo 3
For week 3 of #ILLClintonTuesdays, The ILL releases a necessary new track entitled, “Free”. The Blake Belair instrumental is accompanied by Brennan’s needed message, which touches on various problems going in America. This is a must hear track. Enjoy!
ILLCLINTON – Free (Soundcloud Link):
illclinton - Free ART
If you missed the previous week’s #ILLClintonTuesdays drop, make sure you check out The ILL’s latest releases “Never Change Up” and “Timeless”. It’s excellent: 
ILLClinton Contacts:
Twitter: @illclintonusa
Instagram: @illclintonusa

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