@_WordSmiff_ Bars Over Everything III: The GoodFella





After having a very successful listening session, Wordsmiff finally gives the people what they have been waiting for and releases his highly anticipated mixtape “Bars Over Everything III: The Goodfella” which is a follow-up to his last project “Bars Over Everything II.” The project contains the single “Go Dumb

” featuring Tray Pizzy. With this project, Wordsmiff wanted to showcase the growth in his musical ability by making tracks that stand out from his previous work like “Watch What You Say” all the way to very melodic tracks such as “High Off You III” which features Jamie ValentineSara Lorraine and ReQ Cartier.






@IsaiahDreads Isaiah Dreads – Nothin’ But A Mixtape [Free Download + Stream]



It’s a new year and a new culture. Isaiah Dreads is part of this shifting culture in the UK underground scene that seems to be changing and breaking the rules, and going to places that were forbidden before. At only 17 years old this young up and coming Grime MC from the West Country can add many achievements to his name such as performing at Glastonbury, Wireless and Isle Of Wight festivals.

Isaiah shows his range of flows and content exceptionally on this mixtape that is futuristic, and will be a classic in years to come. He has managed to delve into a sound unheard of before, mixing up different flows and beats that normally wouldn’t work but do. Laid back productions are twinned with skippy flows and serious conscious lyrics but also the opposite; fun bars with more harder productions. This emcee has a sound that matches no other.

Already co-signed by some major tastemakers in the game, it would be hard not to keep your eye on Isaisah who has been rapping since the young age of 7 years old, 10 years later now! Latest track ‘U See Me’ was Zane Lowe’s Next Hype and Mistajam’s Radio Ripper and he has also seen support from DJ Target and Toddla T and has been on DJ Cameo’s Gimme Grime freestyle. How many 17 year olds emcee’s can say that?

Isaiah Dreads – Nothin’ But A Mixtape


Official Links:|| Youtube: isaiahdreads || 

|| @isaiahdreads || Soundcloud: Isaiahdreads|| Website: officialisaiahdreads.tumblr.com

@KidTef ft. @VanLoo_ – OMFG prod. By @__VandalSavage


KiD TeF is solidifying his place among Detroit artists by continuing to be consistent with dropping hot music. Check out his latest release OMFG featuring Willy J Peso’s #smokephismoke member VanLoo. Vandal Savage is on the beat and this record is fire!!!!!! This record was premiered on youheardthatnew.com  TheSource.com

 and Chris Brown’s website mechanicaldummy.com


KiD TeF …The desolate one…the self proclaimed sadomasochistic sex symbol was born and raised in Detroit,mi.  Discovered by Verbal Vomit messiahs Nolan the Ninja and Chavis Chandler in the latter part of 2012, TeF has exploded on the underground Detroit Hip Hop scene and has not looked back since.His explosive delivery and clever word play has captivated the likes of Detroit’s elite artists. Most known for his Bad Boy track, a tribute to the late Christopher Wallace in which he compares the similarities between him self and The Notorious B.I.G. TeF’s music has been received as raw and gritty. Collaborating not only with premier musical artists such as Prada Leary but local film directors and fashion designers alike, TeF has built an anticipation for his debut solo release T.O.Y.$ due the first quarter of 2015.



Twitter: @Kid Tef


@ZazeMusic Build And Destroy


Zaze’s 3rd album titled “Build and Destroy”
This Album Features Artists such as Trae Da Truth, Peter Jackson, Flex the Antihero, as well as production by Metcalfe Productions, SK Productions, Dj Grim Reaper, MMac Productions, VP Productions and more…..


released 13 January 2015
courtesy of 90nickel Ent.
All lyrics performed and written by Zaze except for the features.
All recording done by Dan Ablack @ Shark Tank


@PeaceJepRoadie SuperHeroes

“Speaking as the “lone wolf” that they always refer to, I can tell you what comes of seclusion. Plenty of self awareness and the yearning to save. Not in the way most “rappers” use the term nowadays. But in the traditional sense. Actually saving someone’s life. Of course, it is just an extension of our overall humanity and willingness to put others before ourselves. Nonetheless, I did not choose to save. I do not like to save. I simply need to save. It cannot be controlled. By day, I can’t really stand most human interaction. I find most to be self absorbed and simply lost. Most are lost because of the devices used to distract the world. But by night, I am the one howling at the moon in hopes it will reply. I don’t do this for recognition. I do not do this for monetary gain. It would be much easier to rob a bank than to become a superstar. I pretty much do this for a family member, I am yet to meet. I do it so that a lost soul may be revived by one of these recordings. The lone wolf always seems to be lonely. But maybe inside his heart, lives the voices of all. This is no sermon. I am not preaching. This is no attempt at being something I am not. I am writing this in hopes that someone will relate. That someone will understand what I am saying or how I feel. Until then, I will continue to write these songs. Everyone is a Super Hero in someone’s eyes. Ideas like that make life worth living. I love you. Sincerely, A 90’s baby, who was given PTSD.”