@NephLonDon @THEKIDDQDH25 @IAMDJYRSJERZY NephLon Don Ft. The Kidd QDH & DJ YRS Jerzy – Perfect Time’N

NephLon Don and DJ YRS Jerzy team up with The Kidd QDH for a smooth release titled “Perfect Time’N”. They feel like they have been building and building for some time now and it is the perfect time to take things to the next level. There is alot more to come with NephLon Don and DJ YRS Jerzy including shows, music videos, more releases and overall more to come. Keep in tuned with these artists via social media to see what they are working on. Take the time out today and listen to “Perfect Time’N” you will like what you hear.
NephLon Don Ft. The Kidd QDH & DJ YRS Jerzy - Perfect Time'N

@illclintonusa Free – #ILLClintonTuesdays Week 3

Atlanta artist/producer duo, ILLClinton, present the third drop from their new #ILLClintonTuesdays series. This week, they come with a very much needed track with the release of “Free”. 
ILLClinton Photo 3
For week 3 of #ILLClintonTuesdays, The ILL releases a necessary new track entitled, “Free”. The Blake Belair instrumental is accompanied by Brennan’s needed message, which touches on various problems going in America. This is a must hear track. Enjoy!
ILLCLINTON – Free (Soundcloud Link):
illclinton - Free ART
If you missed the previous week’s #ILLClintonTuesdays drop, make sure you check out The ILL’s latest releases “Never Change Up” and “Timeless”. It’s excellent: 
ILLClinton Contacts:
Twitter: @illclintonusa
Instagram: @illclintonusa

@NephLonDon @MilesDavis96 @RoyceRizzy @IAMDJYRSJERZY @TommyRoss NephLon Don Ft. Miles Davis, Royce Rizzy & DJ YRS Jerzy – Gone Get It (Prod. By Tommy Ross)


Philly’s own NephLon Don is back at it again with another hit
release entitled “Gone Get It”. After connecting and working with DJ YRS
Jerzy he is learning alot about the game and moving at a fast pace. This
track is a mellow toned single with a little bit of a trap twist to it and
the vocals of Miles Davis on the hook who is also Royce Rizzy’s brother.
There is a major hype surrounding Royce Rizzy right now after signing with
Atlanta legend Jermaine Dupri at So So Def and RCA Records. Stay tuned for
alot more music to come from these artists they are definitely on the rise
and you won’t want to miss what is in store for them. Artwork was also made
by fellow private club member Dave Cannon.

AudioMack Link:

Soundcloud Link:

YouTube Link: NephLon Don Ft. Miles Davis, Royce Rizzy & DJ YRS Jerzy –
Gone Get It (Prod. By Tommy Ross)

@Jay_Syd JAYSYD – Circles (Official Video)

Jaysyd is an R&B artist based in Texas. R&B is the genre he enjoys; making music and singing is his passion. He is also a song writer and has been involved around music since the age of 12. From church choirs to drums his family is blessed with music talent all around in the gospel industry and more. Ever since the age of 8 he became musically inclined and could never let the drum sticks go. At the age of 19 he was on a full ride scholarship to Butler Community College playing the drums for the jazz show band. Soon after people began recognizing him. Singing was always in his blood and within the whole family. Especially his mother who had the opportunity to sing in Italy and more. In the year of 2008 he decided to step away from the drums for a while and really pursue being an artist. He released his first I tunes single “Fight For Me,” and has never looked back since. Jaysyd has wrote for some up coming artist’s; “Blow” by Honey Banks, “Pole Hero,” by Pat P and “Guilty,” by KayJayTheProducer. In 2014 he was on tour with Austin Texas own Johnathas from “The Voice” #TeamChristina He continues to do shows and release good quality music. He loves the music and plans on making a big impact on the R&B scene soon.